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antidotexs asked: hi! so i saw your blog and I was asking how you bring the widget/gadget so close to each other. i have a blog too but i just cant figure out how i can reduce the space between the widget/gadget.. i really hope u know the answer of it! love ur videos/blog/style/everything haha

Do you mean the items down the side of my blog? Go in layout and in some setting there or in template you can adjust spacing between things :)  thank you! <3

mermaid-lady asked: I know that your friend does your hair for you and you said you dont know what toner she uses but would you be able to find out. I have been trying to get your hair colour for so long but I can never get the right toner for it. It either comes out too purple or some other weird colour. I just want it white like yours! it is absolutely beautiful. thank you! <3

My hair isn’t white! But it went white once after using a blue based toner. I looked like I had a blue rinse at first but it faded to completely white. She’s not sure which that was. But I’ve bought one by BlondMe in steel blue that my friend’s hair dresser uses on her with 2% developer to get her hair white.

anometalblack asked: Hello there! It would be really informative to know how much do you weight since you literally have the perfect body. :)

This is a bit too personal to ask someone their weight. I’m a healthy weight for my size/height, that’s all that matters :)

mexicanmadhouse asked: Hey, i was wondering if you do Any fitness or sport because your figure is to do for!! Xx

I’m naturally small, I just walk about, that’s it I’m afraid!