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Posted 3 months ago 43 notes REBLOGlazyoaf:

Snap snap

Dino! <3
Hey, I saw your paper crane tattoo and I just wanted to know whats the meaning of this? If it's too personal it's ok if you don't want to tell me. I'd love if you could answer privately. xxx


I’ve done a video all about my tattoos and piercings on my youtube channel :D x

Posted 3 months ago
would you mind me asking about your exercise routine? i know it may not be frequent or whatever, but im really looking into being healthier and toning up and think you have an amazing figure and look so glowy! thank you xx


I have answered this on my F.A,Q page :) I don’t have an excercise routine, I just eat a healthy balanced diet and have a naturally fast metablosm x

Posted 3 months ago
You should do make up tutorial. x


I have done a video showing how I do my eye makeup and another for my eyebrows :) x

Posted 3 months ago
How do you get white hair after the pastel pink? - I cannot find a way to remove the pastel pink from my hair


Mine came out with platinum blonde toner :)

Posted 3 months ago
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Fashion blogger Leanne recently uploaded her May HAUL featuring YDWYA. Make sure to check it out.


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Posted 1 year ago 33 notes REBLOGThe perfect two piece!
hi! so i saw your blog and I was asking how you bring the widget/gadget so close to each other. i have a blog too but i just cant figure out how i can reduce the space between the widget/gadget.. i really hope u know the answer of it! love ur videos/blog/style/everything haha


Do you mean the items down the side of my blog? Go in layout and in some setting there or in template you can adjust spacing between things :)  thank you! <3

Posted 1 year ago